Helpful Links

Did you pet just eat something you're unsure about? Is that plant your cat likes to chew on toxic? The ASPCA has created a great website that can answer a lot of pet poison questions. It has an extensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants that all pet owners should check out.+
There are a lot of myths out there regarding pet food. Some companies make large claims regarding their foods. It is important that you stay educated on these topics. The Pet Nutrition Alliance is a large of group of veterinary organizations that have come together to promote the importance of nutrition as an integral and essential component of providing optimal health care for healthy, sick, and injured pets. +
Dental treats are one of the hardest topics to navigate as a pet owner. Does that chew treat actually do anything? Are the teeth any cleaner? Thankfully, a group a of veterinary dentists got together and created the Veterinary Oral Health Council. Since 1997 a council of veterinary dentists have been giving the seal of approval to different products based on whether they work or not. Simple as that. You can check out their website to see a list of approved products and diets +
Once again the ASPCA has come up with a great tool for behaviour questions regarding your cats and dogs. This site has great information on common behavioural disorders such as separation anxiety, food aggression, whining etc... +